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Hi! I'm Ian


I'm an engineer. My primary background is in additive manufacturing, but I love designing things that people use. 


Ian Graham

Process & Design Engineer







Research Analyst


My time at Carbon has been focused on improving the printing experience from start to finish.  Areas of my work include:


  • Develop hardware to support production projects with Riddell, adidas, Specialized and others. 

  • Design experiments to explore and validate printer software changes.

  • Conceptualize and design parts to test the limits of our process. 

  • Modify internal and customer part geometries to better leverage additive manufacturing capabilities.

Some of the projects I have worked on at Carbon are detailed below.


Process Engineer


  • Led and assisted on engineering development projects focused on the application of new technologies to spares market.

  • Played an active role in all stages of the product release process, from conceptualization and feasibility studies through to product release.

  • Performed failure analysis on a wide range of process critical parts, and provide design feedback based on results.

  • Met aggressive deadlines for challenging engineering and logistical projects.


Assistant Researcher


  • Conducted research on factors affecting thin film deposition of perovskite ceramic materials, as well as electrochemical performance of said materials.


  • Responsible for bottom up synthesis of samples and characterization using a variety of experimental techniques.


B.Sc Materials Science and Engineering


I studied Materials Science and Engineering with a focus on mechanical behavior and design.  Outside of the materials science core curriculum, my coursework largely featured classes in the Mechanical Engineering field.


Spiral Supports

Some parts have a very short print time on 3D printers.  While this is great when you have access to the machine, it limits your productivity on overnight shifts.  I developed the spiral support structures below as a way of allowing customers to print many small parts overnight and improve their printer utilization without having to have an overnight shift.  

An additional requirement was that the support structures in question could not drastically complicate post processing of printed parts.  These structures are simple to remove, and are compatible with Carbon's recommended UV post cure and part washing solutions.  More information can be found here.

Automated Venting of Dental Models

In order to save on material costs, many 3D printed dental models have hollow pockets.  These pockets pose a challenge to automated cleaning solutions as they created small reservoirs of resin trapped between the plate and the build platform.  

In order to solve this, I, consulting with coworkers, developed a tool in Python that could detect these trapped pockets through image processing and automatically apply vents to the part in question, while ignoring solid parts.  All of this logic is applied natively on the printer when slicing the model.  This prevents the need for the user to edit the geometries themselves.

Further information can be found in our US Patent Application.

Board Game Table (In Progress)

I am building a custom board game table to use at my house.  I constructed the table from 4/4 Sapele using a router, track saw, chisels, bandsaw and hand planes.  I modified plans that I purchased to make a larger and taller table with a press fit magnetic rail around the perimeter.  Below is a Solidworks mockup I put together of the finished table, as well as a few progress pictures.



JMP (Data Analysis)


Mechanical Design

Rapid Prototyping

Mill and Lathe

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